I am Caio Augusto.

I create things for the web.

Fullstack developer and designer based in Brazil.

I always try to write clean code and I value performance.


My name is Caio Augusto, I’m from Brazil and I’m 19 years old.

I describe myself as a passionate developer who loves coding, open source, and the web platform.

Aside from my job, I like to create and contribute to open source projects. That helps me to learn a ton of new stuff, grow as a developer and support other open source projects.

My passion for technology was born when I was 5 years old, when I first used a computer.

I started as a Front-end Developer on 3/8/2020. Since then I have been dedicating about 12 hours a day to studies.

I have a huge passion for helping people who are just starting. Codes, movies, video games, music, podcast and studies are subjects that interest me.

I see that I am on the right path because I love helping people who are starting out, just as I was a beginner. Furthermore, I see the results that the dedicated hours bring.

In my spare time I usually read about reactive, asynchronous and object-oriented programming. I like to read Robert C. Martin's book series.

I work as Fullstack developer using techs like React.js, Go, TypeScript, GraphQL and more.



This project consists of an application for tracking orders. Just enter the tracking code, and if valid, the information is returned in detail. The data comes through an API. Developed with React.js.

Project Rastre.io


This project is a clone of ColorHunt. Both web apps have the same intentions: to gather different palettes in order to help designers and artists. Any user can view / create any palette and copy each color from each palette. What's more, it contains an infinite scroll. An API is consumed in which I developed. Developed with Next.js and TypeScript.

Project Pickpallet


This project consists of a personal blog, where in the future I will make posts giving tips and passing on knowledge that I acquired and that I will acquire throughout my career. In this project I learned how to use new libraries and I was able to try Next.js. Developed with Next.js and TailwindCSS.

Project Blog


This was my first project with React.js. This project consumes a Brazilian API that returns the data in real time of the coronavirus situation in Brazil and in the world. I was able to learn a lot from this project. I learned how to consume API's in React and how to use functional components.

Project CV19Tracker


This project consists of consuming the Github API. You enter a Github user and the application will return data from the profile you are looking for. Data such as: User profile picture, name, and more. The repositories with the most stars are also filtered. Developed with React.js.

Project Gitfinder


If you want to carry out a project or chat with me, do not hesitate to send me an email: caioamfr@gmail.com